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Heart Disease


Ischaemic heart diseases remained the principal cause of death in 2018, comprising 16 per cent of deaths in Malaysia. A total of 18,267 people in Malaysia died in that year from ischaemic heart disease, averaging 50 deaths a day. This comprised 12,510 men and 5,757 women.

Heart disease is becoming increasingly common. Chest discomfort, breathlessness or palpitations are symptoms that could indicate a heart problem. If detected and treated early, this can lead to better outcomes and an improvement in the patient's quality of life.


Chest Pains

Chest pains could be the first indication of heart disease. Sometimes, there is associated jaw or arm pains. This can occur due to reduced blood flow through the heart arteries

Breathlessness & Leg Swelling

Breathlessness and swelling of the legs are due to fluid accumulation. Causes can include heart and kidney failure

Dizziness or Fainting

Dizziness or fainting can occur if the blood pressure is too low or if the heart were to beat too slowly or too rapidly


Palpitations can occur when the normal heart rhythm is disturbed by extra or ectopic heart beats or if the heart rate is too fast


Lethargy or fatigue are commonly due to overwork and a lack of sleep. However, if the lethargy or fatigue does not improve, it could be due to heart disease

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