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Heart Failure

The heart is one of the most important organ in our body, so how well do you know your heart?

Heart Failure

This means that the heart is failing to operate normally and thus, not able to pump blood to the brain or throughout the entire body. There are a few symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, bloating, and organ damage which will pose as a treat to your life. If you spot any symptoms of heart failure, do seek medical attention as soon as possible. 1-2 people out of 100 people are diagnosed with heart failure, which also counts for 6%-10% of all emergency cases.

How to detect it early?

Patients may take an echocardiogram test to determine your heart's function. If there's any abnormality found in the test, the doctor will advice and provide the best course of treatment for you.

Read the full article (in Mandarin) for more information here:

众所皆知, 心脏是我们人体最为重要的一个器官,那您对心脏的了解有多少?






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